GSD WinSIS-X 4.7

WinSIS-X is a german shepherd dog information system software
4.7 (See all)

Documentation on the breeding of GSD's since 1899!
- Now in German, English, French, Danish and Spanish!
- Over 156,000 Dogs, including over 10,000 DDR dogs in 1432 Shows and 2107 Trials all on CD
- Yearly updates for all participants of the German LG-Veranstaltungen, Bundesiegerprüfung, Bundessiegerzuchtschau und WUSV Weltmeisterschaft.

Pedigrees and Breed Survey reports for all top competitors from yesterday and today! Trace your dogs bloodlines as far back as SZ:1, Horand Grafrath, the first registered GSD! Transparent Databaseformat
(MS Access* 2.0 - MS Access* 97) *MS Access is a registered trademark of Microsoft.

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